Samsung Galaxy Note 8 New Edition

Love to have a big innovative phone? Or want to have the phone to write or sketch something? No need to waste your money and time for the fake brands. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the IDEAL for its use.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 new edition is the successful phablet (Smartphone with the big screen) that let you enjoy the benefits as that of the Smartphone plus tablet effectively. It provides you with the S-pen facility to write or sketch efficiently.

So, to have the functions of phone & tablet through a single gadget is no more the illusion.

Well to view the different apps more undoubtedly will be more pleasing to it. Instead, you need the phone with good durability or better photo result –it will satisfy you all. To work efficiently for your business, it provides you AMPLE apps to polish your skills.

Either you want it for personal use or trade you will experience it as PRODUCTIVE as you wish.

Let’s explore it through its review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 New Edition

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review

Indeed this Smartphone contains all the enhanced tools that not only help you to commute better but also entertain you the way you like.

However, it comprises of the octal-core processor to work powerfully. No matter either you are the inexperienced or expert user of phone you may use it merely without much effort. It helps you with its user-friendly interface.

As far as your data storage is considered to do no be the worry at all. New in it contains 6GB RAM. Plus you may use micro SD card to extend its 64GB internal storage to 256 GB. Great! More your data is entirely safe & secure in it.

If you are the founder of the selfies, then it adds to your happiness with its front shooter of 8 megapixels. Wow! You may enjoy the rare photos with ease. Similarly its primary camera with 12- megapixel will let you take the advent of fantastic photo shots. Its unique camera helps you to make all your occasion memorable with zero pain.

Being up-to-date it offers you the Dual Capture. Also, permit you to enjoy the Live Focus.

Have fun with it!

Best of its S-pen feature makes it more proficient in working. Neither your tasking tasks difficult anymore nor the sketching all can be done resourcefully even with minimum practice. Now to tackle the complex tasks more effectively is SIMPLE for you only & only with this excellent Galaxy phone.

You will be surprised at the fact that it allows you 100 notes at a time on its screen of 6.30 inch. Being latest it grants you the touch screen display.

Briefly, its enhanced properties prove it to be the ONE in the market.


  • With upgraded processor
  • Endow dual-camera system
  • Enhanced note-taking capability (always on display)
  • Allow GIF animation
  • Improved translation quality
  • With the screen that can collect 100 notes
  • Provide you Live Focus and Dual Capture
  • Friendly interface
  • 8-megapixel front shooter
  • Waterproof

In short, Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the phone that works more than the phone. Because


  1. Reliable
  2. Resourceful
  3. Easy to use
  4. Worth more than its price

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