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Establish primary goals of the Board — maintenance of status quo, evaluation and recommendations or take charge through implementation of new game plan.
Meet all first-reports, introduce game plan and initiate implementation of action items on this list.
Have all first-reports complete the Agenda for the Future.

Skyprocessor Software Hosue Discuss the dozen biggest problems and opportunities from perspective of all first-reports.
If survival mode is required, cut costs immediately where necessary and prudent and in accordance with the Board’s short and intermediate term goals.
Identify and implement top six action items that could measurably increase short term revenues.
In addition to this action list, formulate short-term game plan for company, get board approval and communicate plan to key personnel, suppliers, lenders, etc.
Prioritize top ten action items for the whole company and begin implementation.
Identify top goals for the company for the current month, quarter and year.
Analyze product delivery schedules and takes steps to improve meeting commitment dates.
Evaluate product development timetables, budget forecasts and quality of project management systems, procedures and controls.
Evaluate sales, marketing, distribution, forecasts and trend lines for improvement opportunities in all areas, so as to generate more cash in the short-term.
Identify both the best customers and the most unhappy customers, as well as the company’s image in the marketplace.
Complete competitive analysis for each product line.
Evaluate pricing models for each product line and adjust accordingly.
Identify product line strengths and weaknesses and develop short-term action plan to solve the most glaring problems.
Identify potential products — 6, 12 and 24 months into the future — and their possible impact on revenue and expenses.
Establish / update / expand web presence.
Evaluate expenditures and effectiveness of marketing and advertising for media, trade shows, market research, focus groups and public relations and adjust accordingly.

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