Locatellis Lounge

Locatellis Lounge also offer Mediterranean food which complements our Italian menu. There are many restaurants out there that will provide you with good Italian food but you have to try us out to learn what is Giorgio's definition of excellent Italian cuisine. Our head chef has received personal training from Giorgio and later worked in Avari Dubai. He has come in from the United Arab Emirates, where he worked with many top of the line cooks of Avari Dubai. We hope to provide you with the sort of service you will always remember.

Locatelli's Lounge offers authentic Italian cuisine to the people of Lahore, based on the recipes perfected by Giorgio Locatelli. Giorgio is one of the top 5 Italian chefs in the world. His dishes are made by renowned chefs around the globe, and he has been the inspiration behind many Italian restaurants. Pakistan has received the first of its kind through Locatelli's Lounge.


M. M. Alam Road, Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan

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