Character Building is the most important component in the academics of children but is mostly ignored in the Schools of our country.

Learners Castle has taken an another initiative to introduce “Character Building” of our young generation to make themselves aware about the need and importance of this core element in shaping their life.
“Intelligence is not enough.Intelligence plus Character, that is the goal of true education at Learners castle.”

A character building education as an important component of curriculum during the first ten years of life. It starves to build in each child a sense of positive mental health and motivation for learning.
During activities or routines, all interaction affection the behavior, thoughts,feeling, and actions that occur between child and adults in his life can be seen as opportunities to build positive character.
Character building curriculum at Learners Castle covers the following traits in a child’s personality.

Cooperation Courtesy, Forgiveness, Generosity, Helpfulness, Honesty, Justice, Kindness,Loyalty, Patience, Respect, Responsibility, Self discipline and Tolerance.

The approach and objectives of the set character development curriculum at Leaner Castle are:

a)The curriculum strives to develop self-motivation in all students through awareness of the effect of words and actions.
b)Students are provided with multiple opportunities to see how their behavior , actions, and words affect others and encourage them to think about ways to solve problems.
c)Engages families and community members as partners in the character-building effort, recognizing that parents are the first and most important teachers of students.


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