World’s first Spring Support knee brace offering enhanced mobility

Bamboo fiber, embedded spring structure, cotton, charcoal & spandex

Spring Support.With embedded springs specially certified by the Beijing Institute of Medical sciences and The International Olympic committee for procurement certification. The spring provides the much needed intactness to the joint thus relieving the pain. Ideal for arthritis and various other knee pain.
Relieving kneecap pain. When weakness or softness of cartilage under the kneecap causes pain, the knee relief pro brace can help keep the bone in place and ease pain. It should enable you to more comfortably do exercises to strengthen the quadriceps, says Matt Holland, manager of physical therapy for the Methodist Center for Sports Medicine in Houston. You can find these braces at pharmacies and sporting goods stores.
Boosting Confidence.Many people report relief from knee pain with the knee relief pro; Experts believe these may help by providing warmth and compression, which may relieve swelling. The main benefit, however, may be psychological, says Holland. “It gives you a feeling of support and a reminder to be more careful of that knee when you’re physically active.”


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