Pak Human Resources Development Organization, which is a NOT-FOR-PTOFIT
Organization, was established at Multan (Pakistan) about 11 years back as a non-
government organization.

Vision behind the program is to under take voluntary services
for the cause of human resource/community development, through socio-economic uplift
of the people, especially the deprived women, from the marginalized and
deprived segments of our society mainly from rural areas. Objectives of the NGO are
achieved through imparting technical education and vocational training to the deserving
youth from the target areas.
Services of the PHRDO are primarily focused on development of youth while inculcating
among them the requisite skills for employability, and financial assistance to help them
establish small entrepreneurships through micro-financing on interest free seed funding
bases. A unique feature of our program is that besides education and training, we
help our youth set up micro enterprises under consistent supervision and guidance of
the PHRDO, assisting thereby, to many socially-excluded young people immensely,
in transforming them from valueless to valuable. This is a unique and innovative idea
of providing structural employment opportunities to the youth with bringing about
consequential impact of poverty reduction in the poverty hit areas at grass roots level.

In order to accomplish its visionary pursuits and in order to implement its objectives,
the PHRDO has already established Jinnah Endeavors Institute of Technology, a
resort for the youth to educate and train them to become development futurists, which
is successfully functioning in Multan since 1998. Through this program, the youth
are educated and trained in demands driven trades in order to develop their skills for
employability. They are engaged on constructive jobs during their course of studies in
order to give them a sort of self-confidence and satisfaction, and are prepared to prove
themselves effective social change champions in their practical life. The process will
gradually bring about peace and harmony to take deep roots in the society.

At the initial stages, when the Jinnah Endeavors Institute of Technology JEIT under
the PHRDO started functioning, Electrical and Electronics Technologies were started,
leading to a jobs oriented three years Diploma in Associate Engineering DAE. Later, a
one year Diploma in IT was also introduced. As per record of feed backs, almost all our
passed out students have since been self-employed on various jobs or well employed
in various industrial establishments in Pakistan and abroad, while some of them have
excelled in different educational Institutions, including the JEIT to render teaching and
training services to the in coming youth


Masoom Shah Rd, Asghar Chowk, New Multan, Multan

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