Amrat Beverages International Islamabad


AMRAT is comparable to any shelf brand in the international market. This is why it is a success and is looking forward to growing into the preferred beverage choice in Pakistan!

AMRAT BEVERAGES INTERNATIONAL is the maker of Ab-e-hayat mineral water and Amrat brand of carbonated drinks in Pakistan. We have a long and strong history in product innovation and brand development and are proud to be a growing company in Pakistan.

The beverage industry is growing at a phenomenal rate which is estimated at 30%- 40%. We are proud of the fact that our company is growing at annual rate of 20% with our own resources. Our production capacity has grown from 15,000 cases/day to 30,000 cases/day and we are planning for further expansion through distribution and franchises.

Our success lies in the fact that we OWN our laboratory facilities where our own concentrate is produced. Our laboratory is equipped not only with the latest machinery and apparatus; it maintains strict standards and quality measures. Thanks to our trained and highly qualified chemists who have developed our own concentrates and flawlessly matched international product flavors.

Quality is maintained because all our production facilities, whether company owned or franchises, are using our own patented concentrate along with production and water treating methods.  Our quality managers ensure that Amrat products maintain their standard and quality.

Besides our qualified laboratory managers, we have highly professional and dedicated staff experienced in the soft drinks market for over 20 years working with us. They are working day and night to improve the quality and marketing of the brand.

Amrat in a BIG success story in the Pakistani beverage industry and the company is respected for producing and promoting indigenous brands and developing local brands.

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  • Address House # 9, Main Service Road North, I-8/3, Islamabad, Pakistan
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